Reshma Pasupuleti Exclusive Interview

CinemaGlitz-Reshma-Pasupuleti-Interview-01Reshma Pasupuleti is one most popular Television actress, who started off her career as a news reader at a TV channel TV5. Whose career took a different turn in to anchoring and then she landed as an actress in the Television world. You can catch her in famous Tamil soaps like Vani Rani, Maragatha Veenai, Gayatri & Uyirmei. Her fame from Television world has taken her to the Kollywood recently and she will be seen in the most expected upcoming films Masala Padam, KO 2 & En Iniya Thozhiye.

It was great to meet this personality who is versatile in her career, and glad to interview her between the shots.

How did the transition happen? Education & career in abroad to Kollywood?

My father is a film producer, so movies has been always in the family. My education was done in abroad as my parents thought that would be the right thing for me, later I pursued my career as a flight attendant in the beginning then unfortunately my father had a heart-attack which made me come down for a while, just then someone approached me with an offer for English news reading at TV5, which was followed with anchoring. After which Television serials happened, and “Vamsam” made my day. Looking at the success in Television world my brother Bobby Simha and other friends suggested to try for films and that’s how I landed up doing these films and Masala Padam is my first release on 9th October 2015.

CinemaGlitz-Reshma-Pasupuleti-Interview-02Can you please tell us about your role in Masala Padam?

The movie has 3 streams Action, comedy & romance. I come under romance and have been paired opposite to Gaurav who is debuting in Masala Padam as well. My role follows a romantic track.

What about KO 2?

In KO 2 I play the role of a news reader, Nikki Galrani plays a reporter in KO 2. I have also done a bi-lingual movie called “Ini Vara Naatkal” where I have some grey shades, an anti-heroine role. It’s a physiological thriller which will be released in Tamil and Malayalam.

How did Television serials happen to you? And are you comfortable with the Television world?

It’s high time this discrimination of small screen and big screen should be buried.

I feel acting is comfortable and Television world is a good experience. But what offends me is, few directors look down on serial actors, they feel it’s not up to the mark and we might not be able to pull it off. I don’t see a difference, as far as people have talent it doesn’t matter if it’s small screen or big screen. It’s high time this discrimination of small screen and big screen should be buried. Once people start respecting acting, I’m sure it won’t be a problem.

Are you gunning for specific roles?

Character equality lacks in our Industry.

I’m not gunning for anything specific. Anything comes my way I’m comfortable, but in our industry we get branded if we do a specific role. For example if I do a comedy role, I’ll be branded as an comedian, which is not the case with other industries, anyone can do anything and they should be considered as actors rather being branded with characters. Character equality lacks in our Industry. Nowadays there is no difference between an item girl and a lead actress in Bollywood, as they have a new thing going on as cameo appearance. I believe, as far as you are an actor, you should be versatile in playing in any role which comes your way.

Have you tried your hand in Telugu film industry?

Not yet, as I’m comfortable with Tamil at the moment. My mother tongue is Telugu but I’m good at Hindi, Tamil and English. May be in future gradually I might take a chance.

Where are you based now?

I live here in Chennai at the moment, as my work demands. I do travel a lot to USA, I have many friends and my sister living there, she’s a software engineer.

Every actor has a dream to work with a particular actor/director in the industry, who is yours?

I would want to act with Superstar, who doesn’t want to, he’s every actors dream to work with.

If that’s the case I would want to act with Superstar, who doesn’t want to, he’s every actors dream to work with. And directors I would love to work with Shankar sir, but I hope he offers me a role in future. I have a list which will sound impossible, but no harm in aiming for it.

What are you currently working on?

CinemaGlitz-Reshma-Pasupuleti-Interview-03I’m currently shooting for a serial called “Vamsam” alongside Ramya Krishnan. Also I have an ongoing untitled film directed by Ezhil sir with Vishnu in the lead and Nikki Galrani opposite to him and it has Soori as the second lead.

Where do see yourself in future Television or Cinema?

I’m comfortable with both, I don’t have a favourite. I have been told by my managers not to mention that I do television serials, but I don’t believe in that. If they feel I’m not good enough just because I work in Tele-serials, it’s their loss not mine.

How long it’s been since you stepped in to acting?

I have been around since 2008. I find acting very interesting and so far all my co-stars and the people I have worked with have been great and wonderful. Initially I had a little struggle with the language, but my co-stars and directors have been a great help in overcoming that issue.

How did you find your co-stars in the upcoming films?

They were extremely friendly and very interesting. Among the three films, two I’ve worked with my brother Bobby Simha. The bilingual movie had all girl cast which was a great experience and I had a great time with the lead actress Eden who was a wonderful person. I find Soori extremely hilarious, he would make everyone on the set laugh and keep them entertained.

You have worked in Malayalam and Tamil industry, do you find any difference in their working style?

I don’t find any difference at all, it’s the same. As far as I have seen they have treated me with great respect and have been professional. The style doesn’t differ just the language which is different.

Could you please let us know about your passion? And your message to the upcoming actors?

I’m gunning for acting.

Newcomers keep one thing in mind don’t take the success to your head, be humble and embrace the success.

My passion is acting. You can say I’m gunning for acting. As an actor I would love to do any role possible and not be picky about it, the more versatile you are the better the actor you become. Newcomers keep one thing in mind don’t take the success to your head, be humble and embrace the success.

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