cinemaglitz-creed-movie-review-02Movie: Creed
Direction: Ryan Coogler
Cast: Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Phylicia Rashād, Tony Bellew
Music: Ludwig Göransson
Cinematographer: Maryse Alberti
Editor: Claudia Castello, Michael P. Shawver
Genre: Drama, Sport
Rating: ∗∗∗∗

What is it about: It’s a Hollywood sports drama film, which marks the 7th in the “Rocky” series. This one deals with Adonis Johnson Creed (Michael B Jordan) who is the result of Apollo’s infidelity. Sylvester reprises his role of Rocky Balboa joining Adonis, who gets on board with him to train so that Adonis can create his own legacy. Creed is directed by Ryan Coogler.

Why it’s disappointing: There’s hardly anything you could point out, only thing I thought which would not appeal universally is the pace during the first half.

What to watch out for: Creed is a movie, which could have gone wrong in many possible ways, but it manages to get out of it with great caution. The movie takes some time to warm up, once it’s all set you will enjoy every moment of it. Making a sequel or a spin off for a series which is quite old and a very famous one, is a task to be dreaded for any director. This chap hailed from Short Film circuit went on making a movie “Fruitvale Station” which was critically acclaimed called the shots for CREED. The tough task was handled tastefully with a story narrated in a strong stature.

Michael B Jordan was terrific, he had the right body language supported with spot on attitude which made the character “Adonis Johnson Creed” a great one. Michael did a commendable job, which might give a reason for the makers to think of a sequel for “Adonis”.

cinemaglitz-creed-movie-review-01Sylvester Stallone made this series what it is this date, the crowd went crazy when his voice was heard first on screen. He played the role to the finest detail and carried the old age character with great pride. His screen presence is dynamic even today, his voice has a depth which would wake any dead speaker alive. Stallone reprises the character Rocky Balboa and proved it once again, whether it’s in the ring or outside of it, he’s still undefeated.

Creed had a great supporting cast who fit their respective roles aptly. Among them Tony Bellew as “Pretty Ricky Conlan” was the best.

When it comes to sports movie, handling a camera becomes a grave task. This tough task was perfectly captured by Maryse Alberti. She went to every nook and corner of the boxing ring with great pace keeping it edgy, especially loved the shot when Adonis falls on his face in a sequence, which was perfect. This was well supported by Claudia Castello & Michael P Sawver’s sharp editing. Ludwig Göransson score was pulsating setting the right mood for every sequence.

Being a movie centred with boxing as central focus, it was choreographed really well. There were only 2 main sequences, but both keeps you at the edge of your seat putting you right inside the ring. Especially the climax fight sequence where one scene was filmed with one continuous tracking shot which gets you engrossed in to it, once again the credit goes to cinematographer. The boxing sequences were tastefully made. Any Rocky fan or a fan of this genre will definitely love this film.

Verdict: Ryan Coogler kept the original mould intact without tampering it, which mirrors Rocky’s story seen over the decades. Ryan’s diligence was rewarded by Stallone’s experience and Jordan’s knockout performance with a hope to see “Adonis” return in sequels.

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