CinemaGlitz-Trisha-Illana-Nayanthara-Movie-Review-01CinemaGlitz-Trisha-Illana-Nayanthara-Movie-Review-02Movie: Trisha Illana Nayanthara
Direction: Adhik Ravichandran
Cast: GV Prakash Kumar, Anandhi, Manisha Yadav
Music: G V Prakash Kumar
Cinematographer: Richard M Nathan
Editor: Anthony L Ruben
Genre: Adult Comedy
Rating: ∗∗½

What is it about: TIN is about the problems every teenager goes through in their adolescent period, which has a clichéd plot of girl hurting a guy in love but this the director is honest to keep the story strictly for Adults rather saying it’s a family entertainer and bring in adult jokes. Jeeva (GVP) falls in love with his childhood buddy at his teenage prime, which is reciprocated well by Ramya (Anandhi). They have a hot and raunchy run which is spoiled by Jeeva coming soon, I meant to say a pre-mature excitement in the relationship. This leads to a break up and with no time wasted Jeeva latches on to Aditi(Manisha Yadav) another childhood buddy, who comes across at that exact period, Jeeva couldn’t hold on to this either. Post interval Jeeva once again bumps in to Ramya, what happens after that is a chaos.

Why it’s disappointing: Adhik Ravichandran (Director) was very honest in making his point of dishing out an adult comedy, he spared no space for that. But he was too carried away with that and forgot whether to make a comedy or a love story. If his point was to make an out and out adult comedy should have stuck to that but he dives in to a sub plot of love between the lead pair. The movie objectifies women in most ways, which is applauded with heavy cheers in the cinema hall. It’s not that other films don’t, but this one is direct on your face.

TIN just floats on double meaning dialogues and cheap shots at mocking women. He misleads the deluded audience who are mesmerized with “A” rated jokes, which works in his favour. The so called adult comedy gets tiring after point, as it loses focus on the wittiness it actually requires. We have seen many in Hollywood, but very few stand out in this genre, Adhik belongs to the category who are lost in the crowd. But our industry comes out with these kind of subject once in a while with the “A” rating so it’s the same case like the lead in the movie, who brings out his frustration for being virgin for long, so do the audience with this movie, as I saw the them in the hall dishing their frustration by shouting out their personal experience.

GVP is one of the best music composers of this generation, when you see making himself a buffoon out of it breaks your heart. He does fit the bill for this Jeeva character but can’t see him as an actor. Simran and Yugi Sethu were humiliated in their respective characters, I wonder why they were chosen as anyone could have done that role. Unnecessary cameos by Arya and Priya Anand. Manisha Yadav was nothing but was treated as a bag of meat stuffed in skimpy clothes, purely for skin show.

What to watch out for: In this chaotic confused adult comedy, there are few good things which Adhik had a good eye for, if only had he focused on the same throughout, this would have been a genuine entertainer. There is a character called “Sengal Pshyco” who for no reason goes around pelting bricks on people, whenever he’s on the screen it’s damn hilarious. VTV Ganesh as Jeeva’s uncle and his love guru did a great job in making you laugh. We have seen lovers proposing each other with many things as gifts, for the first time Adhik brings a new element like “Chicken Leg Piece” as a gift while proposing. Apart from these GVP’s music was a strong suit in the movie, especially the “Bittu Padam Di” track, which is viral at the moment. Anandhi comes out of the closet in her very second movie and donned a bold role which was favoured by everyone.

Verdict: An adult comedy which is weak at most levels, literally rolls on heavy booze, which numbs the audience making them forget that they are being robbed in broad daylight.

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