Theri Songs Review: The audio launch was done in a grandeur manner at Sathyam Cinemas Chennai on Sunday evening. There was a huge expectation on the album, first reason being the 50th venture of GV Prakash Kumar and the second is the obvious reason Illayathalapathy Vijay’s movie. Unfortunately the expectation which was at peak went down terribly.

One can argue saying these songs would make a difference when watched with the film. If that’s the case it has to be released as soundtrack after the movie release, so that listeners could relate to that. But that’s where our Indian Filmmakers make a blunder and THERI is no newbie to that.

The first track “Jithu Jilladi”, sung by Thenisai Thendral Deva and Balachandran starts off with amazing energy. But the song is too long it gets tired halfway. The lyrics by Rokesh has a good ring to it, but the tiring length of the track makes it sloppy.

The second track “En Jeevan” sung by Hariharan, Saindhavi & Vaikom Vijayalakshmi. This track manages to get through due to Vaikom Vijayalakshmi’s chant, Saindhavi’s sweet voice and of course Hariharan. It does seem like a sweet track from the lot. Which I can say is worth hearing to.

The third track “Eena Meena Teeka” sung by Uthara Unni Krishnan & GVP. When I started to listen to this track, had a good impression. But suddenly there was a similarity in the flow of the lyrics and the tempo. I rewound the track and listen to it again and again. Then I realized where this was lifted from, the programming and mixing has been done pretty well which hides the obvious making this track pretend to be an original.

The fourth track “Chella Kutti” sung by Illayathalapathy himself along with Neeti Mohan. Whenever Vijay has sung a song it has turned out to be a hit and gone to become a chartbuster. But this one doesn’t have the charm, it’s not Vijay’s voice but the composition by GVP is not good. May be the visuals of this track might save the song.

The fifth track “Thaimai” sung by Bombay Jayashri is quite a mellow one, which does tries to take your mind of the disaster.

The sixth track “Raangu”, had great expectations with this track. The only reason being sung by T.Rajendran. But it goes dud, even Sonu Kakkar couldn’t save it. Once again the visuals have to save this track.

The final one “Dub Theri Step”, sung and penned by Arunraja Kamaraj. He’s one of the rising lyricist, when the filmmakers want to make an impact with song, he’s been behind those tracks in recent times. This is the only track in the whole Album I could say suits to be in Illayathalapathy’s movie. It’s mixed extremely well and has the energy required for the title of the film.

Check out the full songs from “Theri” below:

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