CinemaGlitz-Strawberry-Movie-Review-01CinemaGlitz-Strawberry-Movie-Review-02Movie: Strawberry
Direction: Pa. Vijhay
Cast: Pa.Vijhay, Samuthirakani, Thambi Ramaiah, Yuvina, Avani Modi, Devayani, Robo Shankar, Joe Malluri, Imman Annachi,
Music Director: Tajnoor
Cinematography: Maaravarman
Editor: Shaan Lokesh
Genre: Horror

Rating: ∗∗

What is it about: It’s yet another horror flick where an unrested soul comes back to haunt and avenge its unnatural death, which is enveloped with social issues that had quite an impact but later was forgotten. This is about the safety measures which are being neglected by big educational institutes. If you remember there was an incident where a small kid got killed in a school bus accident due to poor maintenance. Strawberry throws some light on that issue with supernatural medium.

Why it’s disappointing: The amount of horror flicks these days are increasing in way it gives an impression that upcoming directors are running out of imagination on other subjects or they feel it’s a safe bet to make a horror film rather venture in to something else. Pa.Vijay lyricist turned director-producer has even acted as the lead in the movie, that’s quite a lot on his plate, maybe that’s why he couldn’t satisfy overall. It’s ok sometimes to do what you’re good at rather try something like this, Strawberry is wrong in all aspects of filmmaking. This subject if was made as a regular movie with better treatment would have reached the target audience without making a mockery, due to attempt in making a horror the good message which was conveyed becomes a joke. The VFX was too poor reminds you of B grade horror movies. Horror movies mostly depends on great sound mix, which was a mess here and gave a headache, the fun about horror movies is its silence and sudden effects which scares you, here the movie is noisy throughout like you’re watching Tamil Action Masala Flick, which is pumped up like a wrestler on steroids. Few drone shots are not considered good cinematography, with a mess like this the editor can’t help much he can’t be blamed for an output like this. Joe Malloori was the biggest joke with OAKLEY shades and the funniest Ghost buster I’ve seen till date.

What to watch out for: The consolation was Samuthrakani and Devayani. They did a great job, especially Devayani she was really good. Baby Yuvina’s cuteness on screen lets you sit through the fiasco. She is a very good actress for her age and will be if she continues not to lose focus. Another good thing was the quite bearable second half which forgets totally that it’s a horror flick. The female lead Avani Modi was an eye candy and was pretty good with her lip sync, but needs more work on expressions as in one scene she forgets the emotion it required and it looked stale.

Verdict: A good message went in vain due to lack lustre treatment to the subject, which turned the horror in to a mocking comedy and the joke is on the filmmaker.

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