Mastizaade Movie Review: Milap Zaveri Sunny LeoneMovie: Mastizaade
Direction: Milap Zaveri
Cast: Sunny Leone, Tusshar Kapoor, Vir Das, Suresh Menon, Shaad Randhawa
Music: Sanjoy Chowdhury
Cinematographer: Sanjay F Gupta
Editor: Nitin Rokade
Genre: Comdey
Rating: ½

What is it about: Two young lads Sunny (Tusshar Kapoor) & Aditya (Vir Das) working in an Ad agency are more inclined towards sex, which they use as a pretention to be an addict and attend the addicts gathering picking up girls for sex. Hopping from one group to another they bump in to Lily & Laila Lele (Sunny Leone) the twin sisters who run a group themselves to help the addicts. The events occurring post their encounter forms the crux of the story directed by Milap Zaveri.

Why it’s disappointing: It seems like a season is going on in Bollywood with sex comedies. Back to back 2 weeks in a row audience were fed with ample show of cleavage which makes you puke out of overdose. Making a sex comedy is an art too, we have seen many in Hollywood. They have a nake which our Bollywood doesn’t. Strutting the bodylicious female lead doesn’t make one laugh.

The movie runs haywire with no story at all, just random events sewed together by an erratic tailor who doesn’t know which piece goes where. But the director was focussed on shopping a hell a lot of bikini’s and lingerie for Sunny Leone. You will hardly see her fully clothed. It gets dumber with horrible one liners, which the makers thought will hit it off with the audience. For example:

“Tu meri Sister…but Sunny mera bistar”.
“Karan Arjun nahi Aayenge….sirf mazaa aayega – Manforce Condoms”.
“Woh Blouse hi kya jo Spouse ko na bachaye”.
“Sikka hila toh fail”…..seriously creative writing has gone to trash.

The film is filled with dialogues which even vulgar will give a shrug off and say please for god sake stop. There is a scene where Tusshar & Vir go to a bank seeking for a loan. The manager will be in high heels with her stuff strutted so much that she can’t see the fries she ordered with the burger, and Vir pulls the plate to make her realize.

Tusshar has beautifully managed to dig his grave by coming out desperately soon back to back in past weeks. It was disappointing to see Vir Das making a fool of himself in a low film like this, a well renowned stand-up comedian and a good actor, please brother don’t. Hope this will be your last. Was surprised to see a yesteryear actor Asrani playing a role in this film, which puts his life’s work to shame.

Sunny Leone, everyone knows the industry she came from. But that doesn’t mean she should be stereo typed. I think at this point, it’s really hard for her to repair the damage happened to her in Bollywood. She can in fact act but her uber hot body gives her away. But one thing, her name on the title card was received by the audience just like a big hero would get a welcome with loud whistles and cheers. Which was followed by a full nude intro scene cautiously edited to hide the vital parts.

The songs were just a mess with popping up every time the lead actors get horny. No sync no composition, just not an album. The purpose of cinematography was totally defeated with focus just limited to upper ‘n’ lower body of the actor.

These days the mascot of sex comedies in Bollywood is Ritesh Deshmukh, who appears in the beginning and in the end doing a cameo holding a “Coke” CAN which spells as “Diet Poke”.

What to watch out for: Please stop with these sleaze comedies, and get a room.

Verdict: Milap Zaveri followed the sleaze and fell in to a pit. Poorly written dialogues, which doesn’t kindle the laugh. And a cast, which seemed like it was borrowed from a porn studio next door. Only hard-core Sunny Leone fans will like this flick.

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