Jacobinte Swargarajyam Movie ReviewMovie: Jacobinte Swargarajyam
Direction: Vineeth Sreenivasan
Cast: Renji Panicker, Nivin Pauly, TG Ravi Saikumar
Music: Shaan Rahman
Cinematographer: Jomon T John
Editor: Ranjan Abraham
Genre: Drama, Family
Rating: ∗∗∗∗

What is it about: It’s a story of a Malayali family based in Dubai. The film takes you on a journey of that family during an unfortunate period of their lifetime. The story is inspired based on the true events of one such family directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan.

Why it’s disappointing: Nothing disappointing.

What to watch out for: This film was a relief from the usual clutches of Indian cinema which is running in a race to compete with each other. You may ask what’s so special about this film. It’s nothing but brings you to love your family more and reminds you of your difficult times. That’s right getting reminded of unfortunate events in life is one of the main factor, which motivates you to move forward. This film presents those situations beautifully wrapped in a drama by Vineeth Sreenivasan.

All the characters in the film are perfectly picked and have performed to their best. Nivin Pauly is growing to be one of the most sought after actor not only in Malayalam but also in Tamil film industry. He was a perfect choice to play a goofy grown up lad, who mantles the situation as elder son in the film. He did a great job as Jerry. Renji Panicker as Jacob, the man of the family. He is a father which every son will look up to and friend which every son will be happy to have in his life. A character which makes a special place in your heart, perfectly played by him. Lakshmy Ramakrishnan as Sherly, she was great and was hands down one of the strongest character in the film. Her dialogues in few portions of the film were great and inspiring. She played the role to its best and made a strong impression on the audience.

Then you see this younger brother in the family played by Sreenath Bhasi as Abin, a troubled teenager but gets on track when the situation calls for it. He did a commendable job. Aima Sebastian as Ammu and Stacen as Chris performed their roles as the younger siblings to their best. There was hardly a call for a heroine in this film, but the role played by Reba Monica John fit the bill as Chippy, who keeps up the name given and did a commendable job. The beauty of the film was director kept event the supporting characters in a special place not ignoring their part in the movie, which mostly happens in films. But off lately Malayalam films have been doing a great job, due to which even a character which comes for a brief moment captures your attention. Among them were TG Ravi as car driver, who in couple of scenes will make you emotional, a respectable character. Then it was Sai Kumar as Philip Ichayan.

Ashwin Kumar as Murali Menon was a great character, which had few layers and was etched perfectly suiting the role. Then the cameo of Vineeth Sreenivasan and Aju Varghese were a joyous one.

The film had delectable cinematography by Jomon T John, who took us on a great trip of Dubai on screen. Beautifully captured the city in its beauty. The film crisply cut by Ranjan Abraham and the music by Shaan Rahman was peaceful.

Verdict: Vineeth Sreenivasan did a fantastic job in presenting a film which touches you at many levels. It brings back the joyous memories and the sorrows in your life, but these moments are the ones which pushes you further. It felt so good watching this film, which focused on the Malayali’s across the globe who go out in making their lives and creating a mark in the society. Definitely worth a watch, don’t miss this one. Watch it with your family.

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