Dear Dad Movie ReviewMovie: Dear Dad
Direction: Tanuj Bhramar
Cast: Arvind Swamy, Himanshu Sharma
Music: Raghav-Arjun, Ujjwal Kashyap
Cinematographer: Mukesh G
Editor: Charu Shree Roy
Genre: Family, Drama
Rating: ∗∗∗½

What is it about: It’s a film about a father who comes out of the closet to his son, on his way to drop him at the boarding school. How the son reacts to this situation and their journey forms the crux of the story directed by Tanuj Bhramar.

Why it’s disappointing: This can rest for this movie.

What to watch out for: This film deals with a sensitive subject which our reserved society dreads to hear from one’s mouth. And that coming out of a person who you have lived most of your life, becomes a tougher task than ever. Tanuj, handled this in a subtle way. There was not much of a drama or dramatic sequences in the film.

The best part of the film was the pairing of Father and Son. Arvind Swamy and Himashu Sharma had great chemistry which became a selling point for Dear Dad. Arvind Swamy not only comes out of the closet in the film but also as an actor who was missing in action from a mellow role. His comeback in “Thani Oruvan” was an astounding one, and this one is quite an opposite. And he did it with a commendable performance. You would once wish you had a Dad of his stature. Himanshu on the other side played a great role as the son, he fit the bill perfectly.

The cinematography was delectable by Mukesh G. He captured the road trip with exceptional eye for nature and had a steady hand in handling the lens. This was perfectly balanced by a crisp editing by Charu Shree Roy. The music was mellow which was in flow with the film, good job by Raghav-Arjun & Ujjwal Kashyap.

Verdict: Tanuj Bhramar was to the point, and didn’t beat around the bush in conveying the bitter truth. The father-son relationship had a different angle and was played out well with great characterization. The writing was subtle and was joyous when required, which resulted in a mellow film which escapes the clichéd heaviness of this subject.

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