Action Hero Biju Movie ReviewMovie: Action Hero Biju
Direction: Abrid Shine
Cast: Nivin Pauly, Anu Emmanuel, Jude Anthany Joseph
Music: Rajesh Murugesan
Cinematographer: Alex J Pulickal
Editor: Manoj
Genre: Comdey, Action, Thrller
Rating: ∗∗∗½

What is it about: Its story which explores the nuances and the tactics happening in the life of a dedicated Police officer, who makes it point to solve every case in his jurisdiction. It is directed by Abrid Shine with Nivin Pauly playing the lead role.

Why it’s disappointing: It stays put for this movie.

What to watch out for: The sudden change in the perspective of Tamil audience towards Malayalam Cinema, is encouraging them to come out with quality entertainment. This latest offering from Abrid Shine in the name of “Action Hero Biju” is another example, why Mollywood is being favoured by Kollywood and its audience. You would ask what’s so special or different about this cop movie, which we haven’t seen before. There’s a big difference, for starters it brings out the good side of the Policemen in a simplistic way, which is factual.

Director had made it point to derive a script, which not only sounds fresh but also looks one. The film has various elements which compliments each other with no hindrance.

Nivin Pauly is on fire, with back to back success and this is making him not only popular in his own state, but have been gaining a great fan base in Tamil cinema. He got a tremendous response on his entry and a huge applause which we hear for the big stars in Kollywood. And that too his intro scene was a simple one. He fit the uniform like it was tailor made for him, he emotes the funny side with great élan. His comedy timed with crisp dialogues are the highlight, which makes his character interesting and to top that the angry young man avatar was a dynamic one. His transformation oscillates with impeccable timing.

His character was well supported by an array of supporting actors who did a commendable job. The female lead Anu Emmanuel hardly had any scope for acting, as the film was centred on “Biju”.

The cinematography was great by Alex J Pulickal, he captured the dynamism and the subtleness with a poised stature. That was well supported by Manoj with a crisp editing. The music by Jerry Amaldev was average but the background score by Rajesh Murugesan was racy.

There is not a single dull moment in the film, it keeps you laughing most of the time. And when its serious business, it demands your attention. The film doesn’t preach any message. But puts across a great point in every case “Biju” handles, with a provoking thought.

Verdict: Action Hero Biju by Abrid Shine, shows a realistic everyday police. Who doesn’t fight the larger than life gangster all the time, but tends to every small case comes his way with great dedication. This factor makes this film more convincing and entertaining. Which is balanced with crisp dialogues that doesn’t feel cinematic with annoying loud background score, giving you a relief from the cars flying-blasting-thudding cop movies. Definitely worth a watch.

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