Zootopia Movie ReviewMovie: Zootopia
Direction: Byron Howard
Cast: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba, J K Simmons, Tommy Chong, Octavia Spencer, Jenny Slate, Shakira
Music: Giacchino
Editor: Fabienne Rawley, Jeremy Milton
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Family
Rating: ∗∗∗∗

What is it about: From the largest elephant to the smallest rodent live in the metropolis of Zootopia. One fine day the ambitious Judy Hopps a rabbit is freshly appointed as a police officer at the ZPD. During that time, there’s disappearance of predators alarms the citizens of Zootopia. Judy volunteers to find one of the missing predator, what follows next forms the crux of the story directed by Byron Howard & Rich Moore.

Why it’s disappointing: Let this rest for Zootopia.

What to watch out for: When it comes Disney it has to be perfect and they do everything possible to make it spectacular. Zootopia takes the animation world to another level, with an imagination which leaves you wondering about their creativity. The film has varied entertainment in the name different species and mammals thriving to make a living.

The makers took care of every tiny detail possible to make this one a perfect. Their mockery on products used in human world was uncanny and witty. They were too good in recreating some cinematic scenes from famous movies like “Godfather” which was done so well, that you applaud with excitement. The dialogue references to cover up the profanity was timed really well.

One great advantage of animation movies for filmmakers would be making the characters perform, as in real life movies they have to depend on the artist’s capability. But when it comes to animation, they have the full control and can be exploited to your will. Zootopia in that case was a commendable one with great performances by all the characters.

The buddy bond between the bunny and the fox was derived really well. Their on screen chemistry was great which made those two characters very lovable. Then comes the sheeps, rodents, weasels, elephants and many more. They keep coming and the fun never stops.

The animation was at a whole different level. As it involved animals in the film, their texture, look and detailing was done with great brilliance. Which made them come alive on screen in 3D. Animation and VFX were at its best. And that was well complimented by a breath-taking sound design, which was treat to the ears.

In animation movies, they can show anything they wish as there is no restriction on their fantasy level. But in Zootopia, they tried to maintain the real life level with prudential fantasy, which made the film more convincing for the adults too. The film had an amazing plot which unravels beautifully with few surprises.

Oh no wait…I absolutely forgot to mention the star attraction of “Zootopia”, they are “The Sloths”, they appear for a brief period but will stay in your mind longer than the other characters, watch out for them and finally not to forget sizzling “Gazelle” voiced by Shakira.

Verdict: The director duo Byron Howard & Rich Moore made sure to create a film which appeals the audience from 6-60. They make you laugh hard, let your worries out and de-stress from the crowded real life movies. Thus we get “Zootopia” which scores full in all departments and come out as an absolute winner. Definitely worth a watch, take your family and especially the little ones who will thank you later.

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