Yeno Vaanilai Maaruthey Short Film Review

Short films have become a fashion rather a passion. Once what use to be a resume of a filmmaker has turned in to a trial and error of amateurs.

One does have a tremendous amount of liberty to explore the best of one’s creativity when it comes to short films. As they’re not bound by any rules, but when someone exploits the given time and money, it aches to bits as there are many longing to make one, with no funds or means to pursue their dream. Wondering why am I ranting so much “Gyan” here? Let me shed light on that matter. I recently saw this short film, because it was trending to a great level and the views were sky rocketing. Lured by the hype sat down to watch this short film and at the very first glance I knew how the film will end.

It did have good talents in the name of lead actor and actress, who did their best to move above the average bar. Played by Arun Prasath and Nakshathra Nagesh. Other than that it was packaged well by Vinod Rajendran cinematography which was brilliant for a short film.

When we have youngsters like Karthick Naren breaking the stereotypes, still the upcoming talents are stuck up with old methods. But I can assure one thing, Punith director of this short film will definitely get a chance to make a film. As he’s filmmaker for sure but not a WRITER or a DIRECTOR.

Check out the full “Yeno Vaanilai Maaruthey” short film below:

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Cast and Crew

Cast: Arun Prasath, Nakshathra Nagesh
Cinematography: Vinod Rajendran
Editor: Tamil Kumaran
Writer & Director: Punith

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