Why Vijay and Ajith didn’t comment on Sterlite issue?Fans of Vijay and Ajith didn’t have a proper answer on why their favorite actors haven’t commented anything on the important Sterlite issue and the loss of innocent lives in the protest. Sources say that Vijay is planning to speak about the ongoing issue in an award function and he doesn’t want to talk about it on the social media. But he wants to talk about the issue with clarity so he is taking his own time as his previous statement on the demonetization earned him the enmity of the Central Government.

Ajith, on the other hand, will not comment about the Sterlite issue. Ajith believes that his duty in the democracy is to choose the right leader in his constituency and he doesn’t want to get his hand dirty by talking about the politics and the corrupted politicians.

STR and Vikram are the other two leading actors who didn’t react to the Sterlite issue. Dhanush, Suriya, and Karthi have sent their respective statements through their publicist and they also posted on their Twitter pages.

As expected, Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have strongly registered their opinion because their roles have been promoted to politicians now.

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