Vishal faces the heat from producers, not to release on May 11!Actor Vishal has asked the Honorable Indian Prime Minister of India to break his silence in the violence broke out in the Sterlite protest.

“I strongly condemn the brutal killing of innocent lives during the ongoing Sterlite protest in Tuticorin: My deepest condolences. The protest is done for a social cause not for personal goals. If 50,000 ppl are protesting against Sterlite, it means there is unity among ppl to stop something which is against the welfare of the ppl of Tuticorin.Dear Prime Minister, pls break your silence at least now. As BJP says, Protest is a form of Democracy, why can’t people do the same. Govt is supposed to be “For The People” & not otherwise 2019 pls be aware”, posted Vishal on Twitter.

Popular villain actor Prakash Raj has also alleged that the Tamil Nadu Government is dancing for the tunes of the center. “KILLING of CITIZENS protesting .. SHAME on Tamilnadu s Visionless .. spineless government.. couldn’t you hear people’s cry of protest.. couldn’t you foresee citizens anguish over pollution concerns OR are you busy dancing to CENTER s tunes to hold on to power”, tweeted Prakash Raj.

Actor Siddharth has registered his anguish on Twitter, he tweeted “Each and every bullet in the chests of dead protestors will come back to haunt this sham of a  govt in Tamil Nadu. Deepest condolences and prayers for the murdered innocents and their families. What a dark day in our history”.

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