Visaranai Movie ReviewMovie: Visaaranai
Direction: Vetrimaaran
Cast: Dinesh, Anandhi, Aadukalam Murugadoss, Samuthirakani
Music: G V Prakash Kumar
Cinematographer: S Ramalingam
Editor: Kishore Te
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Rating: ∗∗∗∗

What is it about: This is a thriller crime drama based on the novel “Lock Up” written by M.Chandrakumar. The film etches out the inside happenings of the system which misuse the power and position for their convenience. It is directed by Vetrimaaran.

Why it’s disappointing: There is no room for disappointment in this film, but a request to play the movie with English subtitles in the first half as most of the audience had tough time understanding the film, which was mostly in Telugu with Tamil subtitles.

What to watch out for: Films like “Visaaranani” are the reason there’s still a hope lingering in every cinema buffs heart that the art has not gone to the dogs. Director Vetrimaaran might be just 2 movies old, but he brings a maturity to the filmmaking which most of the seasoned filmmaker’s lack. You might argue there’s a difference in world cinema and commercial cinema. I’m not talking about the difference in the genre, it’s the filmmaking and the techniques which makes even a commercial cinema stand out.

The film has no songs and runs for a sharp 118 minutes without taking a breath keeping the audience at their toes. The story adapted from the novel was meticulously pictured in to a cinema, making everyone astound with its narration.

The cast of the film had literally lived their roles. They get under the skin of the character like it was being worn by them all the while. Every character, has been laid out so well that even the tiniest role gets noticed with its brilliance.

Dinesh and Murugadoss along with their friends did a job which really deserves more than applause. They have performed so well that can’t express their work in words. They did prove that, if you really put in your heart in what you love, the result would reflect directly on their success.

Samuthirakani did a commendable job, he brought a great difference to the character and the best choice for this role.

Kishore is seen for a short while, whose character gives a vital contribution to the plot. So does the character of the brutal Andhra police officer played by Ajay Ghosh.

The cinematography by Ramalingam was at its best with capturing the dark moments with realistic approach, which was brilliantly edited by our most beloved Late.Kishore T.E. The score by GV Prakash Kumar was a great addition which set the mood right for the flick.

Verdict: Vetrimaaran laid out a hard truth, which would instigate an extra push of a “fear” among the common man, who gets sandwiched between power and politics. A truth so brutal, which leaves you speechless with a lump in your throat. A sincere request to the audience, please take the effort by watching this movie in a theatre and not to wait for the HD print on torrents.

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