Veera Sivaji Movie ReviewMovie: Veera Sivaji
Direction: Ganesh Vinayak
Cast: Vikram Prabhu, Shamili
Music: D Imman
Cinematographer: M Sukumar
Editor: Ruben
Genre: Comedy, Action
Rating: ∗½

What is it about: It’s about a middle class call taxi driver Sivaji (Vikram Prabhu) who gets tangled in the chit funds scam, which spins many issues around him and how he tackles those forms the crux of the story directed by Ganesh Vinayak.

Why it’s disappointing: Where there were many speculations on the release of quite a few films towards the end of the year, Veera Sivaji came as a surprise getting a slot. Well the trailer seemed pretty decent posing a commercial entertainer. But unfortunately the film is definitely not an entertaining one. I’m still wondering how these films get a producer to churn out funds and a distributor to release. Well that will remain a mystery in Kollywood.

The film right from the first scene till the end doesn’t have any direction it is so random, seems like it was shot at different occasion and just gave the footage to the editor and was forgotten about it. And if you start to ponder on screenplay, you will be amused as that is totally missing in Veera Sivaji. The film did have a plot which was kept at bay, and the makers just had fun with the time and money they got to make this one.

Now let get to the actors, Vikram Prabhu till date haven’t given a film, which we can rave about his acting skills. From a family which has a history of acting always becomes a pressure to live up to it. But we don’t see him choosing scripts well, if he doesn’t buck up he might be lost in the race.

Shamili, who we know well as Anjali Papa is entering the industry again as a lead. But to her bad luck the launch was bad, she was just used as a template in a commercial cinema. And her make-up was quite overdone and looked too vivid. And the costumes given to Shamili in the songs were ridiculous, designer Amritharam seemed stuck up in the olden days, which brought down the looks of the lead who was as it is struggling to make her presence felt. You’ll know when you watch the film.

John Vijay was another miscast whose talent was ridiculed with a characterization loosely written.

The music was Imman, what can we say? It was at its worst with an annoying background score.

The cinematography was overly boosted with DI, still wondering is it the same Sukumar. Editing can’t be blamed as the screenplay was not well woven.

What to watch out for: Unfortunately there’s nothing. The pairing of Robo Shankar and Yogi Babu as the “5 Star” brothers was quite hilarious in parts and so were the scenes involving Rajendran.

Verdict: Ganesh Vinayak proved what’s wrong with the current trend of filmmaking which has no direction and Cinema has lost its charm in Kollywood. Please give this a miss, you won’t regret at all.

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