Vanitha Vijayakumar who has been the trending subject for media channels since the day one of her wedding video with Peter Paul got uploaded in social media. She has been criticised by many and praised by few for her brave and courageous act. But more than praise she got only criticism and media channels took that to their advantage and used them to gain more subscribers and views for their channel.

Recently on the occasion of the release of ‘Ajith’s 28 years in cinema’ common DP, the actress was seen praising the Ultimate star for his character and humbleness. The actress mentions that it’s unbelievable but true that they all entered industry at the same time and they have seen life’s best and worst sides and for this reason she claimed that Ajith deserves each and every bit of the success he is enjoying currently and she mentions Ajith is the one of the most Genuine, simple and humble human being she has ever met in her life. She wishes Ajith and his wife Shalini for the best which is yet to come.

Ajith will celebrate his 28th year into the film industry by August 2nd and the fans are very very excited of this event. Common DP was released by Rahul Dev and tribute video is yet to be released on 31st July.

KJR Studios have been arranging quizzes for Ajith fans related to his career and life. All the celebrities have been wishing the actor and most of the stars who have worked with him has become his fans within a blink of time due to his ego less character. The actor is currently working for the movie Valimai which is Directed by H.Vinoth.

Vanita Vijayakumar has earlier left twitter due to various issues but she has entered back into Twitter within no matter of time and it’s been pleasing for the fans.

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