The problem all started with a wedding video in which Vanita was seen kissed by Peter Paul. This video and talks about this video is an all time trendy topic all over the social media. And earlier the host of #NerkondaParvai tv show in Kalaignar Tv channel Lakshmy Ramakrishnan tweeted that Peter Paul’s wife Elizabeth contacted her and was ready to take legal action for her rights. The fight between Lakshmy Ramakrishnan and Vanitha Vijayakumar started there and the fight got too extensive that they forgot about respect and started calling names in online chat.

Later Kasthuri Shankar who saw the video made a tweet advising Lakshmy that not to go into fight with people like Vanita. The quarrel even continued and Kasturi called Vanita a hypocrite. Then Vanita warned both Lakshmy and Kasturi to stay off from her personal life in her tweet and warned that she might drag their personal life also if the other two continue to drag her personal life, she also said to Kasturi to get a life and create a name for her own other than taking her shadow to get famous.

Lakshmy Ramakrishna went on to saying that vanita changes husband’s like she changes clothes from time to time she also asked her to dare speak about Mr. Ramakrishnan (Lakshmy’s husband) and continues to tell that he has been a husband for 36 years legally and she also asked Vanita to look what she is teaching her children as an example. She continued saying that Vanita can have 100 husbands and she doesn’t care about it but he shouldn’t be someone else’s legal husband. He should take legal divorce before he romances some one else in public, mentions Lakshmy.

Alongside, Kasthuri posted that her private life won’t be of that value to anybody as it involves only one chapter but someone else’s life which involves seasons like mega serials will interest a lot of audience. Here she meant that she have only one husband but Vanita is not like that. Vanita later mentioned that she is going to block Kasturi from Twitter and as well as her life and mentioned that Kasturi is a ‘Comedy piece’.

To which Kasturi replied ‘Bayandutiya kumaru’ (Are you afraid Kumar) and clarified that till this time she had been questioning her public actions only and not her personal life. Later Vanita said that anyone could live the life one wants to and the fact that she had divorced twice doesn’t means that she can stop living the life she wanted and she also said that she had never defamed her ex’es anywhere in her life to get fake sympathies and make them embarrassed, one should not focus on the past but only on the future. And she clarified that she is not embarrassing her children for her actions and decisions.

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