Trumbo 2015 honest biopic about Dalton Trumbo: Dalton Trumbo (which is the title of the film) – a man who often told the tales of other, many tales of his uneasy life will be told. His extraordinary and of course mournful life is described exactly as the movies Trumbo presents to us. Trumbo 2015 honest biopic about Dalton TrumboA man who possesses such pure talent in screenwriting career, and unbeatable wit during his blackest day, was absurdly barred by congressional bullies in which he was summoned to be in front of the HUAC (abbreviated of House Un-American Activities Committee) just because of his supposedly association with the Communist and later labeled as one of the infamous Hollywood ten blacklisted. He did stand strong, refused to name names of his comrades, and thus had himself in custody and be in grief for a decade.

Many of them finally shared the same fate as Trumbo. To some, it may be the end of the world, for the HUAC was not just gratified by sending them behind the bars, but destroy all of the hope to do what they do best. They couldn’t find a decent life work in Hollywood nor have a normal life. But not when it comes to Trumbo, he was still in the game, kept writing as a ghostwriter and cloaked himself by another names – pseudonyms such as Robert Rich which attached to his screenplay of “The Brave One”. It seemed he could get away with his dreadful circumstances and handle it ins and outs.

The movie did effectively exploit Trumbo’s topsy-turvy life in a truthful dimension, from the HUAC witch-hunt to his casual life as a normal person being affected by those unexpected incidents, and our deeply-genuine gratitude must be given to two of his own daughters Nikola and Melissa. They kept filmmakers from going off the rails, in order to make a well-crafted movie that stay closed to the reality.

It would be of utmost carelessness if we don’t mention a stunning performance of Bryan Cranston who stars as Trumbo. He’s been nominated 5 times in a row to win the Golden Globe Awards (and he did win one) concerning his work in the TV Series – BreakingBad as the smoking cool chemistry teacher and an untouchable Heisenberg. This year he’s not just on the list of Best Performance by an Actor in Motion Picture – Drama, but also he’s surpassed Leonardo DiCarpio to be on the top of the expected-winning nominees.

Trumbo is on the list of Oscar Buzz movie this year, and perhaps an Oscar-winning screenplay this year will be given to the movie about an Oscar-winning screenwriter, who knows?

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