Train to Busan Movie Review:Movie: Train to Busan
Direction: Yeon Sang-ho
Cast: Gong Yoo, Ma Dong-seok, Jung Yu-mi, Kim Su-an, Kim Eui-sung, Choi Woo-shik, Ahn So-hee
Music: Jang Young-gyu
Cinematographer: Lee Hyung-deok
Editor: Yang Jin-mo
Genre: Thriller, Action, Horror
Rating: ∗∗∗½

What is it about: It’s a Korean Zombie apocalypse horror film, where a Father and his daughter board a train from Seoul-Busan. In the midst of it, the city is infected with a virus, which turns the people in to a Zombie. And the train is attacked by the infected ones, how the passengers fight back and survive forms the crux of the story directed by Yeon Sang-ho.

Why it’s disappointing: This could stay put for this movie.

What to watch out for: Zombies are a favourite for many as those movies have an adrenaline which others don’t. This film here, takes this treacherous creatures on a train and place them in confined space making them extremely dangerous.

Director Yeon Sang-Ho, have done an exceptional job in deriving this film. Which doesn’t dull for even a moment, and takes you on a thrilling ride. The screenplay was tight and keeps the audience on their toes. The mix of emotions were perfectly blended in right proportions. That made this film a genuine one.

The film had a good cast and everyone did their job perfectly. Among them Dong-seok Ma as Sang Hwa stands out with his wittiness and dynamic screen presence. His portions were applauded by the audience, and there was Eui-sung Kim as Yong-Suk whose character was cunning as hell.

The cinematography by Lee Hyung-deok was great and the film was crisply edited by Yang Jin-mo. The VFX was done extremely well, which made the viewing experience all the more genuine. The sound was equally complimented with a great mix.

Verdict: Yeon Sang-Ho presented an amazing feature which satisfies the genre in all aspects with no compromise. And it was perfectly crowned with a skilled technical team which made the experience great. The cast was strong and did a great job. The film had its moments which made the audience applaud and cheer. Definitely worth a watch, don’t miss it, and catch it on a big screen.

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