The old ambassador is in news again Aamir Khan

The secretary of Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Amitabh Kant defended the government’s step to not renew the contract of Aamir Khan by saying that it is the correct decision and he himself believes that if a brand ambassador or identity of that brand who has to promote his motives and to back his country is not backing or feeling that India is an intolerant country then how can he convince the tourist or the people who are watching him, following him will understand the incredible India campaign and will visit the country one day.

At National institute of design, as a guest chief speaker he said that “People will come to India and tourist flow will increase only if the brand ambassador of Incredible India promotes India as incredible India. But if he says India is intolerant, he is surely not working as a brand ambassador of India”. He further on added “People will not come to the nation after listening to these words.

Ambassador has to promote the brand, not destroy the brand”. As per logic, the things he is saying is almost correct that if the face or the identity is showing some worries with her wife to leave his country due to growing intolerance then everyone who trust him will never want to visit a country where they will feel unsafe due to violence and intolerance.

The things which Aamir have said and further on cleared his motives as well was widely appreciated by one segment of a society and got a huge hatred critical comments from other side as well.

As per now the incredible India campaign will soon have its new face and chances are high that it will go in the favour of Big B or Khiladi Kumar.

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