The joyful life of Joy Mangano in the movie JOY: As the matter of fact, we’ve already experienced quite a lot of biographical movie since the very early days of Hollywood, and Joy is one of them, but not really. The 2015 movie Joy is categorized as a comedy-drama film which sounds pretty worth watching and there are some about Joy that we should be aware of.

The joyful life of Joy Mangano in the movie JOYIn brief, Joy depicting an ordinary woman but strong in spirit, from her very youthful naive days to becoming a matriarch of her own empire. She founded her own business as an innocent entrepreneur, with her name on the initial invention of self-wringing Miracle Mop, and huge amounts of later patents follow, such as Huggable Hangers and Clothes It All Luggage System. Those popularly-used tools frequently appear in our casual life yet we just don’t notice how they are originated at the first place, and the answer is it was Joy’s creativity.

Directed by David O.Rusell (renowned by his Silver Linings Playbook & American Hustle) and with a huge cast of celebrities; starring Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and our beloved Robert De Niro. The though-provoking fact is, this is the fourth movie that have a duo Lawrence – Cooper in collaboration, as well as Robert De Niro appearing in the film. We’d see to it that, this is another Adam Sandler’s crew or Wes Anderson’s thespian in favorite, for the reunion is always great to everyone, neither for us or them.

The story of Joy is not wholly based on her genuine life, and there are some plots were well made up for the purpose of creating an unique and emotional storyline concerning recent statement of David O.Rusell himself that his Golden Globe nominated movie is half truth and half fiction, and apparently this got nothing to do with the spectacular quality of the film. He wants the film to be expressed in his own way and he decided not to meet real Joy until the very end. In his perspective, he didn’t want to depict a human being that possesses such exceptional talent at the very age of youth, but giving her a little of living nightmare so that we can able to see how Joy could overcome her own ordeals to handle success as a grounded and mature person.

The real Joy Mangano today is a wealthy and successful woman who’s the president of Ingenious Designs, LLC with her 3 children, and her inspirational portrayal in the movie Joy might be a good example for woman to strive to be, to be a strong, smart and liberated woman in their own right.

Joy was theatrical released on 25 December, 2015 in USA and shall be on the screen in January 22, 2016 in India. Be steady and enjoy the film.

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