The Founder Trailer Review

Do you want to know how a 52 year old, milk shake machine salesman built a fast food empire worth 1600 restaurants with an annual revenue of $700 million? Ray Kroc has one word for you “Persistence”.

Ray Kroc who cleverly manipulates his way in 1950’s taking over the world’s renowned fast food chain Mc Donalds at the moment. Originally found by Mac and Dick McDonald, but was given a universal makeover by Ray Kroc.

The film has Michael Keaton playing the role of “Ray Kroc”, Laura Dern as Ethel Fleming with Nick Offerman as Richard “Dick” McDonald and John Carroll Lynch as Maurice “Mac” McDonald. From the director of “The Blindside” & “Saving Mr.Banks” John Lee Hancock, comes another biopic of a successful man. The trailer is very interesting and I believe Michael is going to nail it.

The film is slated to release worldwide in August 2016.

Check out the Official Trailer of “The Founder” below:

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