The Boss Baby Movie ReviewMovie: The Boss Baby
Direction: Tom McGrath
Voices: Alec Baldwin, Miles Christopher Bakshi, Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow
Music: Hans Zimmer
Editor: James Ryan
Genre: Animation, Comedy
Rating: ∗∗½

What is it about: It’s a 3D animated film based on a Picture Book of the same name in 2010. The film is directed by Tom McGrath.

Why it’s disappointing: Animation films are not supposed to make sense, and we don’t expect it to. But this one takes that to a different level and becomes quite lame. The story was not that interesting as a fantasy. It just runs blindly on the animated characters backed with potential vocals.

It doesn’t have a right direction, and is clueless just like the babies in the film.

What to watch out for: The film was good in aspects of 3D and animation. The characters were etched out well which was fun watching. And they made you laugh most of the time, in spite of the story not making any sense. The 3D was tastefully rendered, and the sound was perfectly wound.

The voices lent by Alec Baldwin, Jimmey Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow and Tobey Maguire were solid and was apt pertaining to the characters. The animation was flawless and was crisply edited by James Ryan.

Verdict: Tom McGrath, managed to dish out an animated feature which banks on its characters created rather the story. Still gets through, due to the cuteness displayed on screen. Definitely worth a watch for few comical scenes.

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