Review: This one album had major expectations, because this combo have been raking in moolah for their peculiar approach to reach the target audience. Anirudh has done it again, this time his signature style is missing, which is a great news as it sounds quite fresh. This being the reason when I heard it for the first time was not that impressed, as I went on listening to it, it grows on you.

This album has 4 tracks….just 4 track, which is surprising. From which Dhanush has lent his voice to 2 tracks. The highlight of this album are the lyrics penned by Dhanush.

“Oh Oh” – This has Dhanush and Nikita Gandhi crooning to a romantic track.

“Enna Solla” – A very soothing number by Shweta Mohan.

“Jodi Nilave” – This is once again a duet by Dhanush and Shweta Mohan, which kindles the lost romance.

“Tak Bak” – This is the most upbeat track from the album, whereas others are soothing romantic numbers for that mushy romance. This track sung by Anirudh boils with the soup boys blood raving about their dream girl.

Anirudh has churned out great tunes which seems different from his usual and have a strange strike on romance which slowly grows on you as you keep listening to it.

Check out the ‘Thangamagan’ songs below:

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