Thalapathy Vijay most viewed actor on indian television?Thalapathy Vijay has been one of the eminent personalities in the kollywood town and he has established a name which cannot be shaken by any other actor. His box office collections are still unbreakable in the kollywood cinema. The actor has a good humour style along with romantic accent which can impress any girl and make any boy become his fan. He holds this charm ever since his first film.

A Fan page for vijay in Twitter named ‘Actor Vijay Universe’ made a claim on behalf of BARC India claiming that Vijay is the most viewed actor in India since the imposition of lockdown. Since the imposition of lockdown each and every person in India chose their own way to cut the boring time which even felt long due to the summers. Most of the persons chose OTT platforms and television to pass their time. Many webseries got fame due to Lockdown like ‘Money Heist’ ‘Dark’ etc.

The data released by them had top five actors viewed the most throughout India and had Vijay top of the list with 117.9 million views and second was Raghava Lawrence with 76.2 million views and third was superstar Rajinikanth with 65.8 million views and fourth and fifth was Akshay Kumar and Prabhas with 58.8 million and 56.8 million views respectively. The data was released on behalf of BARC.

Soon after the data release by them, fans started claiming that Vijay is the king of not only cinemas but also king of television. All the fans started retweeting the tweet and memes started to come in the social media platforms about his achievement.

But soon to their amusement, BARC INDIA officially tweeted that none of the information was released by them and peoples are using his logo to spread false claims and news which are false. They made it clear to believe only when it’s officially announced from their own micro blogging account others shouldn’t be believed by the public.

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