Thaanaa Serndha Koottam Movie ReviewMovie: Thaanaa Serndha Koottam
Direction: Vignesh Shivan
Cast: Suriya, Keerthy Suresh
Music: Anirudh Ravichandar
Cinematographer: Dinesh Krishnan
Editor: Sreekar Prasad
Genre: Comedy, Action
Rating: ∗∗½

What is it about: It’s inspired from the stupendous Opera House Heist in Mumbai 1987, and is an adaptation of Neeraj Pandey’s film “Special 26” on the same affair. This is directed by Vignesh Shivn.

Why it’s disappointing: It’s one thing to adapt and another to keep its essence alive. If you don’t get even one right, you’re pretty much doomed in presenting something to the audience. And eventually you end up giving a half-baked cake which becomes inedible. There were one too many blunders which director Vignesh Shivn did making TSK the most little inspired from the real events. The vital problem which lies in Kollywood is heroism which becomes the focus point and that eventually leads to disaster. This basically ruins the art and the entities around it.

The film is set in the 80’s and the makers have erected a set which is so evident that we’re watching something shot within a studio. And VFX was not to the mark, agreed that not much can be done with budget constraint, that’s when you put in your mind to work out of the box. If you’ve seen the original film, the detailing was amazing and you’ll be floored by it. And the execution was so tight you’ll be hooked on to it. TSK had one of the laziest execution, it kept wandering all the while, but it never lost focus on making Suriya look heroic which was blandly packaged in clichéd attire.

Veteran actors like Senthil were utterly wasted in reminiscing an age old joke of his previous film. The character was loosely written given no respect for his experience.

The social media was a buzz stating Suriya is finally back with an entertainer, well it did entertain the fans not everyone. Suriya was acting rather performing.

The songs were forcefully induced in the film which had a span of 2 hours 12 minutes.

And finally another veteran actor Karthik, who loses the strong stand which could’ve made a stronger impact.

What to watch out for: There were one too many flaws in the film, but in those rose a few which made it quite a worth. Ramya Krishnan did a great job and so did RJ Balaji even if he was on screen for a brief period of time.

The cinematography by Dinesh Krishnan was neat and was crisply edited by Sreekar Prasad who saved the audience.

Verdict: Vignesh Shivn, must’ve been little too over confident with his previous success or he took this one for granted. The reasons will be unknown to the audience. There’s no harm in adapting a film, but butchering it is something unacceptable. Watch TSK if you’re a Suriya fan, if not give it a miss.

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