Test matching to Wedding

cinemaglitz-harbajan-singh-geeta-basra-01‘Together’ is an auspicious word for couples who hold it back their relationship for long time. The quick interview session shot with the bouncing newly married couple Harbajan Singh and Geeta Basra revealed that it came all round and round from being a coffee mates to legally you and me. The relief meant the state ‘Euphoria’ when Harbajan said “it was the love at first sight on Geeta”. I was in the territorial cricket season when I first saw Geeta performing in the song ‘Woh Ajnabee’. I had that rush to meet her and so by some hands I got her number and left a text asking for a coffee. The desperation never calmed down and there was a ping after 3-4 days.

Geeta loops in stating – I wasn’t too attached or attracted at the beginning. But then, he had been firm for more than 10 months. And also, the paparazzi never stopped clicking us together those days and mostly when we met for coffee.

Well, the couple are together now with all their bunch of bonds after 25 long years.

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