Tamannaah, Hansika and Varalakshmi spoke against child rapeLeading Tamil actresses including Tamannaah Bhatia, Hansika Motwani, and Varalakshmi have spoken against the gruesome child rape. A girl named Asifa was gang-raped in Jammu Kashmir and the detailed series of incidents happened to innocent soul terrifies the entire nation.

In her statement, Tamannaah said “An 8-year-old raped in J&K. A 16-year-old raped and a protesting father beaten to death in order to protect the rapist. Where is this country headed? How many nirbhayas need to be sacrificed before reforms are made. A country that can’t keep its women safe is a country with a rather regressive mentality that needs therapy”.

Hansika Motwani took to her Twitter page to post “Poor child! Hell is waiting for these animals who tortured and killed her! Hang those assh*les ! How can someone be this inhuman! “. The actress actually used a swear word to describe the criminals.

In her statement, Varalakshmi said “Once side you have people protesting for water.On the other side, you have an 8-year old that has been gang-raped and killed. Who are breeding these monsters..? What are we doing wrong..?Is there no hope ..? Where is the justice..? What’s laws are we living by..? Is this the kind of world we want our children to grow in?? Until and unless the punishment for any kind of rape or any sexual crime is either death or castration this bloody world with never stop #violatingwomensrights”.

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