Super Girl From China Song Review: Since we have seen this video, there is question that pops in our mind…what were they thinking? Sunny Leone is known for her smelting looks, we get that but using that in such low levels with a concept which is really pathetic. Fantasies are great but this one is little too much to digest, mainly due to the treatment given to this song and video. Directed by Ahmed Khan it stars Sunny Leone in the lead, the music is composed by Kanika Kapoor from the fame of “Baby Doll” and many. The voices are lent by Kanika herself and Mika Singh. As it is the video was not that great, the song too doesn’t live up to it.

The video which revolves around a geeky young lad with a fantasy of a Super Girl from China who is been imported by his friends as a gift, which serves him as his temptress slave. The worst scene was the guy trying to plug in the charger, well when it comes to showbiz sometime people get deluded with lusty fantasies.

Check out the song ‘Super Girl From China’ below:

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