Sunny Leone gets respect from her professional fellows: Recently in an interview with Bhupendra Chaubey, Sunny Leone showed some brilliant courage to face his non sense questions with grace and honour.

The anchor asked many disrespectful questions which were not suitable to be asked from a woman on a national platform. He repeatedly asked about Sunny’s past and her experiences. He even asked her about working with Aamir Khan one day for which the calmed Sunny replied that he might not work with her due to her past. The anchor kept on insulting the composed lady with his not so cool questions but Sunny tackled them with such sweetness and maturity. Her behaviour and how well she conducted the interview earned her an India wide respect and support from fellow artists from the industry. Many actors, singers and Sunny’s friends tweeted to show their respect and support for the beautiful actress.

Arjun Kapoor tweeted: “Opinions in the garb of questions. Credit to @SunnyLeone she spoke from the heart despite his mind games.”

Aamir Khan supported her by tweeting: I think Sunny conducted herself with a lot of grace and dignity in this interview…. I wish I could have said the same about the interviewer. And yes Sunny, I will be happy to work with you. I have absolutely no problems with your “past”, as the interviewer puts it. Stay blessed. Cheers.

Shahid Kapoor praised Sunny by tweeting: @SunnyLeone respect. Few could have been as composed dignified and classy as you were. you sure showed men it’s a woman’s world. Boom!

Vidya Balan supported the actress by tweeting: Sunny Leone displays far more dignity than these self appointed moral custodians of society.

Genelia Deshmuk questioned the progress of journalism and tweeted: So disappointed to see such disrespect towards a woman.. Is this Journalism??.I don’t know @SunnyLeone personally but what a dignified lady.

One thing is for sure, this Mastizaade actress has earned a huge applause, respect and support from her fans, friends and professional fellows.

Checkout the interview of Sunny Leone with Bhupendra Chaubey below:

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