Suicide Squad Movie ReviewMovie: Suicide Squad
Direction: David Ayer
Cast: Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, Jay Hernandez
Music: Steven Price
Cinematographer: Roman Vasyanov
Editor: John Gilroy
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Rating: ∗∗½

What is it about: From the cinematic universe of DC, comes another film which has super villains saving the world with the authority of Govt. under a covert operation, what happens after this unusual alliance forms the crux of the story directed by David Ayer.

Why it’s disappointing: This film could have been a great premise for the upcoming “Justice League” from DC. Unfortunately it fails due to lack of strong writing which doesn’t explore the opportunity to establish the characters in the film keeping the characteristics intact. It just brushes through with style and swag. The film has amazing characters played by great actors but doesn’t get scope to showcase what they got.

This one was a wrong move by the makers which happens to be the prepping stage for the upcoming films. As the prep was more in to making the character look jazzy posing their suave moves rather using them comic wise.

The trailer and promos were cut out to perfection which infused a curiosity of the character “Joker”. Unfortunately you’re disappointed with an average screen space and a performance which still makes “Heath Ledger” the King of the ring. It felt like Jared Leto couldn’t get past the bling and bring out the EVIL, which Heath did back then. Hopefully Jared’s character gets to prove everyone wrong in the future sequels.

The cameo of Batman was very un-impressive, in the film you don’t even get the feel what you had while watching the trailer.

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller wasn’t that convincing for an officer whose character is that shrewd. Col. Rick Flag played by Joel Kinnaman was there-there nothing to rave about.  Capt. Boomerang by Jai Courtney wasn’t given enough humour to hold the squad. Diablo by Jay Hernandez was wasted for a character which was flaming with opportunities.

One of the main character of the film Dr. June Moone/ Enchantress by Cara Delevigne wasn’t convincing enough to carry out the main antagonist. She was a cute looking one but the character didn’t had the darkness it supposed to have.

These days’ productions studios are adding formats like “3D” and “IMAX” just for the purpose of making extra bucks, even though it wasn’t required. The IMAX for this movie wasn’t justified, I agree we get to see selected footage in IMAX, but this one didn’t.  Had rather watched it in regular 3D and saved my money. It was just a 3D on a large screen. DC should give a strong thought in exploring the writing rather than funding in production value.

What to watch out for: The saving grace of this film were Deadshot played by Will Smith and Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie. These bring the appeal what the SQUAD actually required.

Will Smith was great with his one liners and did a great job in balancing the sane and insanity. His screen presence as Deadshot was great and it was fun watching him shoot the sweats of the creatures.

Margot Robbie is a sweetheart who was packed in a crazy attire. She can perform anything you put in front of her with hands down. An amazing actress who looks hot as hell and at the same time can give many actors run for their money. She was insane crazy packed in to amazing hotness as “Harley Quinn”.

Then there’s this character Killer Croc by Adewale who does brings few laughs here and there and with his appearance he just gets registered in the audiences mind.

The VFX was great which was packed well 3D effects still it doesn’t justify the IMAX format. The cinematography by Roman Vasyanov was brilliant and was perfectly edited by John Gilroy. And the score by Steven Price was quite a mood setter.

Verdict: David Ayer couldn’t deliver a film which could have set a strong premise for Justice League. It will make big bucks, I’m pretty sure won’t fit with the diehard comic fans. Suicide Squad couldn’t form a strong alliance. Can watch it for the love of the franchise, and to see Will and Margot make a strong case.

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