Star Wars The Force Awakens is on track to be the most commercially successful movie in the whole galaxy

The power of the Force seems to carve out a historical stone for itself, as the movie still has its name marked at the 1st place on the Top Box Office, and up until now the producers of the film – Walt Disney/ Buena Vista has earned 740 million dollars in gross of revenue and the number probably grows bigger in the next few weeks to come.

Star Wars The Force Awaken is on trackIt’s been a long time since we had a chance to witness such enormity of income concerning the well-known James Cameron’s Avatar (grossed 760 million dollars in domestic market and 2 billion dollars from other regions). In this day and age we are to behold this phenomenon once again; the brand-new sequel of Star Wars movie no doubt might have a potential opportunity to be side by side with Avatar in the world record of the highest – grossing movie of all time in domestic territories.

The conflict between the Resistance and the incarnation of the Empire – the First Order had an initial budget of 200 million dollars, and the results in grossing aspect obviously is far more from original expectation. Even though the movie was foreseen as a top major box office, no one would imagine it can be able to break over 40 records in earning money including being the fastest movie to net 1 billion dollars, highest grossing film in the whole franchise and Walt Disney should be proud of its offspring, for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is to be the most cash-earned movie published by the Studio.

In the frosty atmosphere and bitter winds of the winter, Star Wars: Episode VII along with 2 more contenders, Daddy’s Home (a comedy starring Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg) and The Hateful Eight (directed by the genius director Quentin Taratino) still melts audience’s heart with astonishment, delights and after all the moments of pleasure.

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