Star Trek Beyond Trailer Review: Another sequel which is going to join the huge list of 2016 releases. “Force” is waiting to be awakened around the corner, just then our boys from the “Enterprise” swoop in with a snazzy STAR TREK trailer ever.

From the producer JJ Abrams the ship is getting prepped by a swag director who gave us the nitro powered cars in the name of “Fast and the Furious”. That’s right JUSTIN LIN will be directing this sequel, and it’s quite evident from the trailer seeing “Capt. Kirk (Chris Pine)” doing the BMX bandit stunts and an upbeat background score to match. Whereas we the “Spock (Zachary Quinto)” disappearing in to thin air whilst “Bones (Karl Urban)” muttering “At least I won’t die Alone”.

They seem to be off the ship, on an alien land with weird looking aliens attacking them, have to wait and watch what these boys have for us in the store.

Meanwhile check out their first trailer, which has crash landed on the internet at this hour. It is bound to release on 22nd July 2016 in Real 3D and IMAX 3D.

Check out the Official Trailer of ‘Star Trek Beyond’ below:

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