SR Prabhu’s timely donation for FEFSI workers!SR Prabhu, producer of popular award-winning films like Joker and Aruvi is also producing Suriya’s magnum opus action drama film ‘NGK’ with director Selvaraghavan. Prabhu is also the treasurer of Tamil Film Producers Council and along with Vishal, he is also spearheading the industry strike happening against digital service providers, theater owners, and various other discrepancies.

Prabhu felt thankful for the all daily workers of Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) who are supporting producers in the strike. The producer donated Rs 10 lakhs to those employees who are sacrificing their daily work and remuneration for the strike.

Previously, Vishal also donated 10 lakhs which he got from the organizers of an award function. Many other producers are also said to be silently supporting the workers with enough money to make sure that they don’t suffer from poverty.

Prabhu says that the strike will be the last protest in the industry and they will end it only after theater owner agrees to full all the demand of the producers. A tri-party meet with the Government, representatives of theater owners and producers will be held soon to end the strike.

Producers have also recently signed an agreement with another service provider named AEROX who are ready to offer service with the 50% reduced charge comparing to QUBE and UFO.

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