cinemaglitz-spectre-imax-red-carpet-featurette-01The Mexico City gets an early peek at the upcoming 007 movie, with a star studded premiere attended by the entire cast and crew of the film. The cast seemed to have enjoyed the movie to bits in IMAX and they can’t stop raving about the spectacular experience.

cinemaglitz-spectre-imax-red-carpet-featuretteAs far as BOND movies are concerned, the series which had Daniel Craig is my favourite and that era is coming to an end with this sequel “SPECTRE” directed by Sam Mendes. Daniel was derived in raw format, which was never visited by the earlier BONDS.

The scenes featured in this RED CARPET featurette, are downright tempting and making me restless to catch this on our big screen, but with them praising about IMAX, makes you wanna travel to other city and watch this flick. Especially when “Dave Bautista” quotes….”I feel sorry for the people who don’t see it in IMAX”. That one pricks!!!

Check out the ‘SPECTRE’ IMAX Red Carpet Featurette below:

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