Sonu Nigam’s Kaagaz: A perfect message for his fans on demonetization

Agree or not, Sonu Nigam was once the best singer of the Bollywood industry has. With time, and new singers joining the industry, the singer now has very limited work. Nevertheless, he still has a great voice, and if you are in search for true melody, then it can surely be found in Sonu’s voice.

Whether they are private albums like “Deewana” or various movies in which he has given voice for creating a magic in the songs. Personally, we find all the songs of the singer very pleasant as they provide a great soothing effect to the ears.

With several music videos and numerous movie songs, Sonu has a great experience of creating magic through his voice. And in the recent scenario, the hottest topic is obviously the demonetization. How can a singer like Sonu Nigam can miss the chance to express his views on the topic with a unique style? Yes, you are guessing it right, the singer has recently uploaded a song that clearly shows his views on the move of Indian Government.

Although there are several different views on demonetization, the true effect of this move can only be seen after a few months. So, for now, we can only wait and watch for the things to get streamlined as they were before the call of demonetization.

Through the song named as “Kaagaz”, Sonu Nigam clearly stated that even if the people are having some problems related to the cash crunch, it is for the well-being of the public, and the people will soon realize the effects by having less corruption, and reduced amount of black money.

As a Sonu Nigam fan, we can only appreciate the move by the singer to express his views on the hottest topic of country. Additionally, we can easily sense to see his capability to see positivity and remain positive even in the chaos.

Check out the video below:

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