CinemaGlitz-Singh-Is-Bling-Movie-Review-03Movie: Singh Is Bliing (Singh Is Bling)
Direction: Prabhu Deva
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Lara Dutta, Kay Kay Menon
Music: Meet Bros Anjjan, Manj Musik, Sajid-Wajid
Cinematographer: Dudley
Editor: Steven Bernard
Genre: Action, Comedy
Rating: ∗∗∗

What is it about: It’s about a young Punjabi lad Raftaar (Akshay Kumar) who does nothing but have fun with friends for a living and never completes a job which he had started, troubled with his son’s behaviour Raftaar’s father (Yograj Singh) presents an ultimatum to either get married to his friends daughter or go to Goa and work for his best friend. Raftaar chooses the latter to escape the marriage. After he reaches Goa he’s handed over a job of a bodyguard and a well-wisher of Sara (Amy Jackson) who comes down from Romania due to some issues back home with a mafia don, who is determined to kill her. The ride after Raftaar & Sara meet is one comedy roller coaster which forms the crux of the story.

Why it’s disappointing: The main thing called logic takes a toll at “Singh Is Bling”, every scene keeps moving forward with no explanation of the previous one. The screenplay is tacky which doesn’t gel with most of the events but keeps moving forward like there’s no tomorrow. Another thing which will irritate you in the movie is the look of Kay Kay Menon, which looked quite feminine and did not suit him.

What to watch out for: Prabudeva has a nake for making masala movies in Bollywood which is being favoured well, as he knows the pulse of masala which Bollywood filmmakers most of the time fail to find. Even though the movie doesn’t spell logic in right sense, it spells comedy very well with Akshay Kumar keeping you entertained in most of the scenes. Akshay is best at comedy and he has a charm to carry this stupidity with style which makes you ignore the obvious. This makes him the uncrowned king of lead comedians.

CinemaGlitz-Singh-Is-Bling-Movie-Review-02The surprise factor of SIB is Amy Jackson, who was given a role which fitted the attire like it was tailor made for her, she doesn’t speak a word in Hindi except for the lip sync in the songs though. This part kept the character real and she was given room to explore more of performance this time rather than being a Barbie Doll. It seemed like she was trained well for action sequences, trust me she did kick some serious **** in the movie. Amy carried herself with great style showcasing true grit in the action sequences.

Lara Dutta returned after a while on screen in a comical role, which was well supported by the rest of the supporting cast who made a great ensemble for this comedy flick.

The music was on high note in SIB which was composed by Meet Bros, Manj Musik and Sajid-Wajid. From which 3 tracks are my favorite and they don’t jabber the story when they appear. “Tung Tung Baje”, “Cinema Dekhe Mamma” & “Singh and Kaur”. The music was well matched by Dudley’s delectable cinematography which featured colours of Punjab and subtlety of Romania in the right way. The movie runs for 2hrs 20mins but Steven Bernard cut this one well, not making it tiring.

Verdict: Singh Is Bling has its heart in the right place but not its mind, so please don’t mind the stupidity and enjoy the madness with well played lead characters, which suited the title aptly.

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