Siddharth and RJ Balaji’s tweets against Tamil activistsActor Siddharth and radio jockey Balaji have tweeted against Tamil activists and fringe groups who pressurized BCCI to shift the IPL matches from Chennai to Pune. Siddharth congratulated everyone for shifting IPL matches and asked to ban all the TV channels owned by politicians. He asked to close Government’s alcohol shops and remove party flags at the protest venue.

“IPL shifted. Vaazhthukkal. Can we please close tasmac? Next, can we shut all TV channels owned by politicians? Can we please ban party flags at protest venues? There are many embarrassing things and people in our TN! Fight together. #SaveFarmers #CauveryIssue”, tweeted Siddharth.

RJ Balaji also said that though IPL shifted, there would be still a delay in forming Cauvery Management Board. “Now IPL is shifted, people who wanted national attention, got that right?Ipo Cauvery Management Board vandhurum la (Now, Cauvery Management Board would be formed, right?).Only thing they managed to do is to divert attention from Cauvery to cricket to violence. No sensible Tamizhan will support these unruly manipulative selfish methods”, tweeted Balaji.

The actor also said “Now all those who protested violently against a sport and managed to shift the venue and consider that as a success, better make sure that you get the Cauvery management board set up too. Mudiyuma (Possible)?”.

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