Shivalinga Movie ReviewMovie: Shivalinga
Direction: P Vasu
Cast: Raghava Lawrence, Ritika Singh, Shakthi, Vadivelu, Urvashi
Music: S S Thaman
Cinematographer: Sarvesh Murari
Editor: Suresh Urs
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Action
Rating: ∗∗

What is it about: This film is about a CB-CID officer, who gets tangled in a murder investigation which has a supernatural angle to it. What happens during the investigation forms the crux of the story directed by P.Vasu.

Why it’s disappointing: When you put together P.Vasu, Raghava Lawrence and Vadivelu in one movie, it’s pretty sure what you can expect from it. Still there’s an entertainment factor which is always expected of them, which was a big let-down in this film. It fails to fulfil the basic requisite of the genre. Director Vasu is still stuck up on old methods to make a movie, elements used are so outdated. Especially when you see the religious factor of two beliefs highlighted in the film. They’re so stereotyped which most of them have grown out of it, most definitely the movie going audience. The film has a simple plot of a murder investigation but it’s toiled in to commercial complications which drags out to 2Hrs:37 mins. The portrayal of a CB-CID was the worst one played by the lead.

Raghava Lawrence is on a roll to star in films of this kind. It’s evident now that he loves doing it. His self-proclaimed fame is getting a bit annoying. Calling himself “Chinna Kabali” is an example. Not everyone can become a Superstar.

Ritika Singh was out of place in the film. Still she manages to sail through and tried to hold her tom boyish character.

Vadivelu was just a vital requisite for this film to fill in the comedy element, which hardly worked out.

Shakti as Raheem did a decent job among the entire cast. The rest of the supporting cast was just there to fill in screen space.

Music by Thaman was below average so was the background score. Editing was jumpy by Suresh and cinematography was loud by Sarvesh.

What to watch out for: Unfortunately there was nothing.

Verdict: P.Vasu, needs an upgrade on cinema, the sooner he realizes the better he’ll be and definitely we’ll be too. Not worth a watch.

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