Shahid Kapoor in Magadheera remake? Shahid kapoor has been offered with the official remake of S. S. Rajamouli’s film Magadheera. The original film was released in 2009 starring Ram Charan in the lead and did some outstanding business of Rs 1.5 billion especially in Tamil Nadu.

Shahid Kapoor has clearly said that he has been offered with the film but he has yet to review the script and listen to the narration. Shahid said: “I still have not heard the script and no, I haven’t signed the film yet. But if you are asking me whether I have been approached for the film, then yes, they have come to me. But I am yet to sit for a script narration”.

Original film collected some outstanding figures and this remake will be a golden chance for Shahid Kapoor to give his first 100 crores grosser at box office. He has to give a 70 crores plus yet and with his two next upcoming films, he himself has said that Udta Punjab is not a commercial film but Rangoon can be a surprise for everyone.

This is the correct time for Shahid to choose some outstanding commercial scripts as everyone in Bollywood especially the younger starts such as Ranveer Singh and Varun Dhawan are giving back to back 100 crores. “I felt really passionately about the role I had been offered in Udta Punjab and about the world that the filmmaker wanted to create. I felt this film needed to be made and that it should be made, so I said yes to that film…. Rangoon is a lot more commercial than Udta Punjab. There’s a lot of time to talk about it because for that, people need to understand the film and for that again, Vishal sir needs to talk about it. He always chooses different worlds and when everybody expects him to make a film similar to his last one, he makes and he changes it. So, Rangoon will be one of those surprises”.

As historical films are doing some mindboggling business in recent times with the examples of Bajirao Mastani and Bahubali, Shahid must not miss this golden opportunity of his life.

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