Sethupathi Audio Launch and Music Review: The makers of the film are following right steps in terms of promoting their film. Two days back they release their teaser, which had a great impression and a tremendous response. Then yesterday they had their audio launch at Sathyam Cinemas. What made this one different from the others is that the music was performed live by the musicians from the movie. Nivas K Prasanna put up a show which was a treat to the ears, he can not only compose music which will appeal to many but also can sing equally good.

The stage was well set starting with a sound check warming up the guests and media until the VIP’s arrived at the audio launch. Once they had arrived Anjana begun the event introducing the band, followed a by an impressive performance beginning with the track “Mazhai Thooralam” penned by Na Muthukumar and sung by Nivas himself. The first track just got the audience and guests undivided attention which focussed on the lives of police officers.

Then it was followed by a quirky romantic track “Konji Pesida Venaam”, it was performed by Nivas and another singer. But in the album this song is sung by KS Chitra & Sriram Parthasaarathy and penned by Na Muthukumar. After the live performance the video of this song was played which had lovely visuals.

The third song which was performed live was “Hey Mama”, Nivas and MK Balaji performed this really well. But the original is sung by Anirudh in the album. Which when you hear has a totally different ring to it, I’m pretty sure this is going to create ripples in the theatres with loud whistles and cheers. After the live performance they played a promotional video of the same track with montages from the movie, and it looked damn racy.

The album has two more tracks which I believe would be good to watch it visuals, which would be “Thaen Kootil” & “Hawa Hawa”.

The whole event was a very lively one with guests like Karthik Subbaraj, Siddharth, Escape Artist Madhan, RK Suresh, Sibi Raj, Shakthi, Justin and many more wishing the team success and especially endlessly praising Vijay Sethupathi and director Arun Kumar. Today I got to see how down to earth a successful actor could be, Vijay Sethupathi did something which I have never seen till date in any Audio Launch. He called out for 2 supporting artists from the movie, who are not established one’s but have worked hard to get there. He spoke really high of them, praised them and embraced them wishing all the success. That would be Vivek Prasanna and Linga, who will be seen in pivotal roles in the film.

Verdict: Sethupathi’s music is an apt fit for the commercial genre with decent mix of compositions. The album is well covered with good singers and a lyricists. Nivas Prasanna after “Thegidi” have dished out a good album.

Check out the the Official Full Songs of ‘Sethupathi’ below:

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