Senjittale En Kadhala Movie ReviewMovie: Senjittale En Kadhala
Direction: Ezhil Durai
Cast: Ezhil Durai, Madhumita, Abhinaya Anand
Music: Raj Bharath
Cinematographer: Manish Murthy
Editor: Lawrence Kishore
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Rating: ∗∗½

What is it about: It’s about a young lad named Veera (Ezhil Durai) who is been dumped recently and what happens post it forms the crux of the story directed by debutante Ezhil Durai.

Why it’s disappointing: There were quite a few shortcomings in the film, which in fact became hurdles for this potential flick to overcome. The quality of the output was quite varying, which shifts quite often. Sometimes it does give you a feel of a short film, and suddenly it shifts to the big screen output. The film had the opportunity of a strong comedy track, which was not explored to its potential, an apt comedian placed in the film would have done wonders for it. The first half gets a bit draggy establishing the core of the subject.

Madhumila, seemed a tad bit struggling in churning out a performance. We can see that she’s doing her best but couldn’t hold a strong impression on the audiences. Kayal’s Vincent seemed little out of place and the voice did not match his body language.

What to watch out for: In spite of few shortcomings, SEK manages to sail through, because of its racy second half. Which picks up a great pace and keeps your entertained. The dialogues were good and were timed well, which received good applause.

Abhinaya, she’s an exceptional performer and in this she did a good job as well. As Veera’s friend and colleague she did a commendable job.

Ezhil Durai, who doubled as director and the lead actor, had a tad bit too much on his plate to fulfil. But he managed to hold a grip in his very own style. He did have few shades of Simbu in the film, but was tastefully performed. But Ezhil, should start concentrating on either acting or directing, which might put him on the right direction fetching him what he’s intended.

The music by Raj Bharath was good. Cinematography by Manish Murthy was a good one, it did have few drops but sailed through. There’s badminton court scene in the film which was filmed well. Editing by Lawrence Kishore was a good one, what he lost in the first half gained it in the second half.

Verdict: Ezhil, did a fine job in making a rom-com which was a little off the regular approach. For many it might not work, but for the others it will for sure. The film packs in genuine notion, which makes it a worthy watch.

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