Santhanam's another role in Biskoth confirmed!Our youngsters favourite then comedian now hero actor Santhanam has been as a hero Avatar for the past few years. His movies like Dhilluku Dhuddu, Inimey Ippadithan, Dhilluku Dhuddu 2, etc gained lots love from fans as well as from the critics. His timely humour made the audience burst out laughing and loving the movie.

It has been more than three years since he left the comedian role and joined for hero roles only. And his movies never failed to make the audience feel irritated about the comedy and humour in his movies. The actor has currently finished shooting fir Biscoth movie Directed by Kannan. In the movie Santhanam plays the role of a biscuit factory worker.

But it is discovered that he also plays as a 18th century south king Rajasimha in the movie. This tells that Santhanam has a double role in this movie. The characters are all fictional but the team has taken all the necessary research to make it look like 18th century. This 18th century portion will be for almost 30 minutes and will be the highlight of the movie. The films heroines Tara Alisha and Swathi Muppala also have appearance in this portion of the movie. Sowcar Janaki Amma, Motta Rajendran, Anand Raj and Lollu Sabha Manohar also starr in the 18th century portion,says the Director Kannan.

The team spent almost a month to research the details of the time period and the set was put up by Art Director Raja Kumar in Ramoji film industry and he re-created a palace and took care of it. Costume designer Priya took care of the costume to make it more realistic and reliable. Paintings and artworks were taken care by the Director and cinematographer Shanmugham and they went through a lot of paintings to make an appearance in the portion of the movie.

The shoot and all has been completed and recently Santhanam also finished the dubbing for the movie. The post production will start once they get permission from the government and they will release the trailer after the resume of post production.

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