Rocky Handsome to be made for South India Cinema

John Abraham who is all set to appear in multiple films in 2016 with Rocky handsome, Housefull 3 , Dishoom and Hera Pheri 3 has said that He is planning to reproduce Rocky Handsome in to a Tamil and Telugu remake as well with their local stars.

He said: “We would like to remake this film in the south. We have got superstars who are interested in doing this film in the south. Someone from Hyderabad saw this film and two-three actors in Tamil and Telugu filmdom are very interested in remaking this film because it’s a very commercial project. So, we are very excited about it”. He is not only acting in this adrenaline pumped action film but also is the producer of the film as well. He recently said that this film has not an ordinary action scenes and he has learned different styles of martial arts from Thailand specially for this film. He will be using the techniques of Aikido and Tai chi with knives as main weapons. He further on added: “I trained myself for Tai chi and Aikido… I trained in those art forms for a month for 14 hours a day in Thailand with a master. We trained hard. I wanted to learn the art forms… I am playing with knives, and it’s very difficult”. He firmly believes that an action film must have emotions in it to define the action properly. John said: “The USP of the film is the action that’s backed by the emotions or the emotions that are backed by the action. With ‘Rocky Handsome’, I just felt that any amount of good action is worthless without the right and requisite emotion”. He compared his upcoming film to a James Bond level of film, he said: “When we look at Hollywood films, we always talk about the James Bond kind of films and we say, ‘Why can’t we do the same?’ I guess ‘Rocky Handsome’ is the answer to Hollywood, where you can say, ‘Here’s the action and here’s the action hero that could match up to all of you”.

Whether it is on that level or not, the time will only prove us but as per now the movie has created a good hype among the audiences. One thing that is not up to the mark is its title as it is depicting a film made on a roadside Romeo.

Check out the official Teaser of ‘Rocky Handsome’ below:

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