RJ Balaji’s open attack against Seeman!RJ Balaji is one of the commentators in Star Sports channel (Tamil) and his comments get a lot of positive comments during IPL matches. But Balaji was in a tremendous pressure when Chennai Super Kings took on Kolkata Night Riders at Chepauk Stadium in Chennai. Balaji was pressurized by fringe groups on social media to not participate in the CSK match and the actor also opted out of his job by seeking special permission from Star Sports India.

Now as the Tamil Film Producers Council strike has been called off, films will release as usual from this Friday. RJ Balaji has now asked whether we can ban all the new releases until Cauvery Management Board is formed.

“Happy that the film industry is back with a lot of good changes after the strike. Thousands of daily wage workers can now pay the school fees of their kids on time. Kudos to those who worked relentlessly for finding a solution. At the same time, its the responsibility of those who raised their voice for the boycott of cricket matches, to act/react for people’s justified anger of ‘will you now say lets boycott cinema until CMB is formed.!?!’ Yes agreed, two wrongs will not make a right. But at least accept the mistake and apologize to people for getting it completely wrong”, wrote Balaji on his Facebook page and torn apart all the fringe groups including Seeman.

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