Rajinikanth: Celebrating IPL is an embarrassmentAt the time when people are protesting for Cauvery and Sterlite issues, celebrations in the name of IPL is an embarrassment, said Superstar Rajinikanth. The actor wants Chennai Super Kings to pin a black badge on the yellow jersey while playing in IPL but if BCCI and team management are against any such actions, youngsters can enter the stadium in a black dress or wearing a black badge.

Rajinikanth said that the Cauvery protest is not for wealthy farmers but for the poor ones who have 1 or 0.5 acres of land. “I don’t think Karnataka Government will allow protestors to the stop the release of my films in Karnataka. They will provide the needed security for all the theaters. My producers and distributors will look after the release plans there”, said Rajinikanth.

“The Union Government must understand the feelings of Tamil people and act accordingly. Any delay would only create animosity against them in the hearts of Tamil people”, added the actor who strongly condemned the needless delay in constituting the Cauvery Management Board.

Rajinikanth said his friend Kamal Haasan is not his enemy, he will be only fighting against all the irregularities in the system.

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