Rajinikanth’s 2.0 poster out for fans

With the release of Enthiran (Robot), Rajinikanth has once again proved why he is called super. However, after the enormous success and box office collection the movie gained, there has always been a sheer demand for the sequel of the movie, and now it is the time to declare the release the sequel of the film, which will be known as “2.0”.

The movie is soon going to be release in India, and the teaser poster for the movie has been released. Moreover, the first look of the movie is going to be released in Mumbai in a grand event hosted by Karan Johar on 20th of November. Apart from Rajinikanth, the movie will also have Akshay Kumar in an important role.  Although the story has not been yet shared by the director, the movie will surely will win the hearts as all the other movies of Rajinikanth. As a Akshay’s flick, the movie is going to have enough action to keep the viewers entertained till the end. Moreover, by watching the first part, it is sure that the movie will be full of special effects, and graphics.

We are eagerly waiting for the first look of the movie and that will decide whether the movie is going to be great or not. However, one thing is sure is that the movie will receive a grand opening due to its star-cast, and the expectation from the previous movie’s performance. We all hope that 2.0 will break all the record the first version of the movies has set in the industry. Additionally, we are willing to watch the two superstars together and how they complement each other’s performance in the movie. As far as Akshay’s tweet is concerned for the first look, it is worth waiting for four days to unfold the mystery. You can also catch up the first look on YouTube.

Rajnikanth’s 2.0 poster out for fans

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