Pleasure to be hit by Rajinikanth: 2017 will be a monstrous year without a doubt, Bahubali 2 and Robot 2.0, both will going to shatter some serious box office records and create new ones.

Robot 2.0 is already in headlines for so many reasons. First being produced by Lyca group with an investment of around Rs. 350 crores. Then the inclusion of Akshay Kumar, possibly as the main villain of the film. Phase one of the film is already completed. There is a long way to go in terms of shooting and post production but word of mouth is spreading like a flare among audiences.

In terms of strategy Akshay has been roped to please Bollywood only audiences, but the time will show that will audience accept their Khiladi kumar “the action superstar” in a form of villain getting punched and kicked by Rajinikanth or not? Akshay has already expressed his views about fighting with Rajinikanth in the film. He said: “These things don’t come to you even in a dream. He’s a wonderful actor and even more, a wonderful human being. It will be an honour to be punched by Rajini sir. It’s going be a different world for me. The graphics, the action and the adulation that he commands. Today, the action (of Rajini’s older films) may seem a little funny, but at that time I would be gaping at the screen, wondering how Rajini sir did what he did. It was a marvel in technique and technology”.

As per Akshay Kumar he is honoured to share the big screen with Rajinikanth but only the time will tell about the fate of 2.0 as a film among audiences, critics and box office.

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