Pelé Birth of a Legend Movie ReviewMovie: Pelé – Birth of a Legend
Direction: Jeff Zimbalist, Michael Zimbalist
Cast: Kevin de Paula, Vincent D’Onofrio
Music: A R Rahman
Cinematographer: Matthew Libatique
Editor: Glen Scantlebury, Naomi Geraghty, Luis Carballar
Genre: Drama, Biography, Sport
Rating: ∗∗∗½

What is it about: This film is a biographical drama based on the Brazilian footballer Pelé. The film is directed by Jeff Zimbalist & Michael Zimbalist.

Why it’s disappointing: This could stay put for this movie.

What to watch out for: Biopics is one of the favourite subjects in Hollywood. And when they get down to make one, we mostly get beautiful products and get to know few personalities which we missed knowing growing up. Pelé is one such sporting legend.

The director duo made sure in getting the cast right, whether it was the kids or the adults, they were chosen perfectly fitting the attire. One may argue they were not up to the mark. Pause for a moment and look, the actors are from native and they did their best to make this one a great outfit.

The character of Pelé during the age of 10 played by Leonardo Lima Carvalho, was a great one. It was mature enough to convince you the depth it required. And that was topped by Kevin de Paula as Pelé, from age 13 to 17. He was right on spot with his body language, and gave a commendable performance.

The rest of the cast was perfectly picked to support the film, each and every one of them were in sync with the film. You won’t forget the fat kid in the beginning who makes you laugh hard.

The entire crowd at the cinema hall was applauding to every scene involved the matches. It was like watching a game at a stadium. That was the effect which this film had on the audience.

The cinematography was at its best, it was agile and captured the sport with great beauty. Matthew Libatique, takes you to every nook and corner of the field. The editing was sharp by Glen Scantlebury,Naomi Geraghty & Luis Carballar.

Now let’s talk about the background score, it’s composed by AR Rahman. People who think that he can’t give a good score, please watch his Hollywood flicks. He has given some top notch score, you may argue saying why that is not reflecting in our movies. I can only think of one thing creative liberty. The score was great and was in mood with the Brazilians.

Verdict: The brothers Jeff & Michael Zimbalist, may not have given a perfect biopic. But they managed to bring out the emotion and the essence of the legendary footballer Pelé. The journey was smooth and quick, which walks you through the vital moments of the legend’s life. Definitely worth a watch for the commendable performances and crisp direction. Watch it at a cinema near you, to experience the game in its full form.

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