Peechankai Movie ReviewMovie: Peechankai
Direction: Ashok
Cast: Anjali Rao, MS Bhaskar, RS Karthik, Vivek Prasanna
Music: Balamurali Balu
Cinematographer: Gautham Rajendran
Editor: Jomin Mathew
Genre: Comedy
Rating: ∗∗½

What is it about: This film is about a left handed pick-pocket, who meets with an accident on an unfortunate day, which triggers the “Alien Hand Syndrome”. What happens post that forms the crux of the story directed by Ashok.

Why it’s disappointing: The film had an amazing premise, which was not explored to its potential. If at all the director had woven a play which involved the crux more than the other elements, “Peechankai” would have been a cult in its genre. It lacked few things, but when it comes to independent films there’s always a barrier of budget, but here and with this subject and with the vision which the director had, I wonder budget would have been an issue. The cast was quite a mismatch. It didn’t sync well with the artists who were great in their attire. This mismatch makes the whole attire look an average which could’ve been a grand one.

The first half takes quite a toll, it keeps wandering and doesn’t latches on to the core of the subject. Director took the liberty in mixing masala, when someone is on an independent project, can let go of commercial aspects. That’s the whole idea of being an Indie filmmaker. These factors, kind of lets down the film.

What to watch out for: The strong aspects of the film were the lead played by RS Karthik & Vivek Prasanna who plays the role of the corrupt politician Nalla Thambi. They both manage to hold the audience’s undivided attention with their performances.

RS Karthik, being a debutante seemed quite comfortable on screen and had an effortless style. He pulled off the role with great humour and diligence.

Vivek Prasanna, we can surely say an upcoming artist who would reach heights soon with his commendable performances.

The rest of the supporting cast which includes MS Bhaskar, Anjali Rao, Shruti Menon and we can’t forget the “Gireesh” character who added that extra comedy to the track.

The cinematography was good by Gautham Rajendran and the editing was quite tight by Jomin Mathew. The Music by Balamurali was decent with a neat background score.

Verdict: Ashok, managed to deliver a neat comedy, which staggers a lot but manages to entertain the audience during the second half. Definitely worth a watch for the attempt.

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